The Cow Palace


This is a venue on my-list-of-places-to-see.  I really want to someday go see the building, tour the inside . . . see this actual place where all these events made history.  I feel it's one of the most important buildings in America.
Ricky Graham and Evel Knievel both caught big air here !

Youth is King

The end is near for a iconic cultural evil I've known of all my life.  A local guy (Chester Scott) who grew up in my town, moved to California and worked at a prison.  One of his inmates he took care of was Charles Manson himself.  I'll bet he could tell us a few stories?  We're all young and innocent once, then we grow up to be who we become, with changes along life's path.

1967 Sportster Model XLH

This is about the nicest 1967 XLH I've ever seen - (on Ebay now)
-Electric Start (1st year)
- One year only kicker cover

This is how to hook-up your Tillotson properly and correct.
It's sweet - Professionally built and restored.
This would be your totally awesome view, riding down the highway, through the turns . . . (with correct accessory switch by the way), full instrumentation.  This is a very fancy motorcycle.  A gentleman's touring motorcycle.  Power, storage, comfort.  A beautiful evening ride to the AMA meeting on Thursday night . . . 
"We still need volunteers for flagmen at the scrambles on Sunday . . . "  (Those were the golden years . . .)

A "Nervous" Fix . . .

Drilling and hammering on vintage knuckleheads can be a traumatizing experience.  Don't fuck it up.  Dad made a special pin(rivet) to lock the intake flange.  We peened it from the inside, smoothed it out and formed it to a stock-like appearance.  Now the flange is tight and secure.  PJ-1 Satin Black and it's ready for the valves.  Late Model Knucklehead: The last one, and the best one.

Catholic Girls

"My wife, she's catholic you know..."

Sturgis Model

So my dad pretty much restores this guy's entire Sturgis motorcycle.  It was all farted up.  It started with just the motor and transmission.  Then, as it goes so often, the owner asks, "Can you put the motor in my bike?"  then . . . "Can you hook up the wiring?"  "Oh, I forgot . . . Can you put turn signals on it?"  "Oh, and can you fix the brakes, and fix the bearings, and fix the dash, and the seat, and the . . . Where does it end?  My dad, being the all knowing Harley guru scholar he is . . . pretty much did the entire bike - Started it yesterday, rode it around a bit . . . it's ready for the owner.
I did a couple things on it . . . like source, order and install the nos Sturgis fork cover decal.
Part No. 45771-80
This chrome foil decal had backing on both sides -
and I somehow got the $35.00 item installed perfectly !?!
Over the years, we've done many motorcycles for owners who aren't the best wrench, but they love the old iron.  I just hope the owner takes the time to learn, research and read how-to maintain and repair simple things on these motorcycles . . . it's the best for all of us.

Seat Time

Parker rippin' around on the edge o' the bean field . . .
What the hell ?
Friedman Photos

Part #2

So I came up with this system . . . improved fuel flow (I drilled the fittings a touch larger too) and now 5/16 ID all the way to the carb.  Hook it up, and test for leaks. 

Hank Scott says . . .

" I just get the lead and they throw the red . . . who goofed?"

Stripped Threads

I spend a lot of time fixing threads, caused mostly by over tightening.  May I suggest using nylon insert locknuts, jam nuts, flange lock nuts, serrated lock nuts, loc-tite, prevailing torque lock nuts, cage nuts or hex pal nuts or even pushnut bolt retainers???????
Above: This happens when the bolt & nut are junk(and too soft) to start out with . . .
The Keensert (left) is the best, but it's easy to fart it up.  The pins don't always drive the easiest, and sometimes it's hard to get them all the way down.  Once it's in - it's done and solid.  If your hole is way oversize, the Keensert may be your only option.
The Nutsert or Timesert (center) is good too.  I like the top "flange" that gives a surface to tighten against.  They are available in "oversize/oversize" when even the Heli-Coil failed. 
I use the Heli-Coil (right) most often.  Simple to use and works great in aluminum.  If you follow the directions, take your time and get it correct, the heli-coil has saved people thousands of dollars and prevented lots of warpage from welding and high heat, trying to weld up and redrill.
All these motors I work on, usually have a lot of this . . .
Speaking of stripped threads . . .
Heather Thomas, 80s heart-throb for old dudes.
She still looks pretty good... (for a 60)

PART #1: Gas Line Fitting

Early LEFT - Late RIGHT
The early-style seals like a steel oil line/brake line - with a flare.
The late-style seals with a rubber seal
(like an ironhead/shovel top end line)
Problem is . . . these fittings are 1/4" outlet
and my S&S Super E is 5/16" inlet
I also want it "serviceable" if I have a problem on the road.  I change, and redo many things when building these bikes.  It might look cool, but if I can't fix it with common tools, I shit-can it for a simpler application.  I want to run a fuel filter too (5/16" IN and 5/16" OUT)
I decided to go with the flare (seals better for fuel I've found).  I chased the old threads to square them up with our Snap-On Tool thread chasers.  The thread size is 7/16-20.  I'll use a common 1/4" copper tube nut, available at every local hardware store.  My next step is to get a short piece of that really good copper connector tubing, that auto parts stores sell.  It will already have the flare (factory flared) but it will have too large a diameter for my 1/4" nut . . . so I'll have to drill the nut to .3125(5/16) to fit my tube. This nut will be the only piece of my fuel line that's "special", but easily replicated.

This bike is pretty rad . . .

I Make Lists

I measured Bill's cylinders....
The JB Weld is done....
I skipped the DL stuff....
I instead finished honed Michael's rod races....
Got Ricky's pistons from McKensie....
Called Baas....(no answer) I'll try later, he's a busy guy.
A bit more done on Chink's heads....
A good night's work - Got some sleep too....

Snoopy's House

Snoopy rides a Chopper - Woodstock is the coolest
I saw the late Peanuts Cartoon creator Charles Schultz' home was destroyed during the Santa Rosa fires in California.  His widow (Jean) was talking about having to evacuate the house and leave behind a lot of Peanuts items, his drawing table, work station and sketches.  The home was totally burned to the ground and all was lost.  Most of the valuable items were safe in the Charles Schultz Museum, which was untouched by the fire.  As I walked to work this morning, a local business on Main Street (The Rustic Corner) has these huge Peanut characters in their display window - and these kids always make me smile. 

Ducati Scramblers

I think they may be on to something . . ?  Good.


I added (3)new things to my "Interests" in my Profile:

A Privilege To Work For . . .

It's not always your right.  It doesn't HAVE TO BE your way.  There are many things in life we all take for granted, until you can't do it any more.  I junked my right knee around 2001, and it goes from being my strongest leg . . .  (the ultimate kick starter that can start everyone's magneto equipped, high compression engines) . . . to needing crutches to walk, 'cause my right knee is junk.  I can build the strength to run, climb and live pain free . . . then slightly twist it just wrong, and it's junk for 3 months.  I see a specialist tomorrow to determine if I just need to change my system of rehab, or cut it open and see what's up?  Maybe an expensive x-ray for sure? 
I researched all the "knee mechanics" and picked one with a good reputation that's been doin' it since the late 70s.  The good news is . . . I've been practicing on the WL, kick-starting with my left leg, and got it running for the first time today It felt great to ride my vintage motorcycle again.
After my appointment with a knee specialist, and examining the x-rays... I have somewhat severe arthritis and multiple bone spurs from previous knee trauma.  He wanted to give me a cortisone shot, but I refused for now.  He demonstrated some exercises for me to do.  I had been doing some strengthening exercises (but he said I was doing them incorrectly), so I learned that much.  He said to bicycle, not walk so much.  Rest and use anti-inflammatories to promote healing.  Rest, strengthen, anti-inflammatory, keep it easy.  Wear a compression sleeve over my knee when necessary.  I've got my orders - now I've got to do it, or at least try - or it's an electric start for me I guess?

Gak's Shop: Hogholic, Japan

I met him once, and he's bought parts from me.  I try to give him good price, since part expensive in Japan . . . but don't care.  Price is ("It is what it is..") is translation I get.  Gak has sent me photo of group ride they have in past, and all knuck, pan, shovelhead - some CH some Vorty 5 some Vatheads - all bikes we wove.  I go to Japan someday to see for self - dis twip on my wist.  No more rice for me !

Motorcycle Cowboys

Gilby's guitar always has a cool sound . . .

These dudes know what I like . . .
Check out the SUPERBIKEPLANET for the latest news and insight from the road racing world, and a slice of vintage historical flashback to keep you reminded of where it all started.  There's a very nice write up(interview) with Kenny Roberts on the loss of Nicky Hayden.  See their Twitter for an inside scoop on Moto GP . . . and what's happening in the racing world.  They've got some supercool prints available for your shop too . . . Thanks fella - Catch up with you someday. 
Respectfully,  -Noot
Aluminum XRTTs (possibly a testing session) in Talladega, Alabama (cir. late 1971?)  All prints are very suitable for framing . . . I'm thinkin' a rustic barn wood possibly on this one?

Cal's Favorite Beverage . . . (photo by: Danny Lyon)

I've been lookin' for years in antique stores and flea markets, and finally found me a bottle.  Just like Cal and The Chicago Outlaws LIKE to drink.  Make sure you go see the Misfits Exhibit at the Rockford Art Center in Rockford, Illinois (goin' on now).  Hartman and Allen put a lot of work into promotion for this event . . . and from what I've seen in photos, it's funkin' rad.  I think I'll go on the night of the next live music and check out the scene . . . The exhibit has photos from Danny Lyon and all kinds of cool.

Harley-Davidson Instructions

For PB Series camshafts in early Sportster XLCH and XLH

Puzzle Pieces . . .

That's what I call 'em.  The last things you need to get something done.  This fuel line could have been made, but I bought it to support quality after-market parts.  I'll cut the carb end, add a 1" stub of 5/16" ID fuel line - connect to a FRAM G3515 filter, add another 5/16" ID stub . . . and connect to my S&S Super E swivel fuel inlet.  Add a qt. of H-D 10-40 and let gravity feed to the pump, expelling air and bubbles overnite . . . add fuel, check for leaks, and start kicking !  This is a final puzzle piece.

More Puzzle Pieces . . . These stock exhaust valves for the Baas KH were kinda heavy and square lookin' . . . so I had Randy spin a bit off the heads to improve flow and finish 'em up.  Hey, every little bit helps ! 

Trip to Spina's . . .

I flew to Vegas last week, rented a Beetle and drove to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park to hike the great wilderness Mother Nature has granted us.  It was an incredible trip to say the least, but this is a blog based on cool, mechanical shit . . . so I stopped at my good friend Bob Spina's shop in Las Vegas.  The Welcome Sign reads . . . "NO"
Bike Nite at Mr D's Bar was a blurr. . . . the band was cool.  Of coarse Uncle Bob knew everybody and introduced me to some cool cats . . . then back to the shop.
Spina's been around a few years.  He's pretty much the last man standing for the custom painters you read about.  Well, him and Bobbo.

Bob has never been one to dwell "on the past" and he's always more driven to talk about the future of paint, performance and the latest ways to paint.  It's actually kind of hard to find pictures from his early days - but, here's a few for your viewing pleasure !
He did show me his latest gadget THE "FLAKE-O-MATIC - "This thing will help you flake like-a-mother-fucker Noot" . . . all the flake just shoots out and lines up perfect. 
It was great to see Bob again, it had been since Sturgis 2016, and we always have a good laugh.  Me and Bob always kinda clicked, and I miss him all the time when I think of all the good times we've had . . . Hope to see ya soon Uncle Bob - Respectfully,  The Noot's in Iowa.