Building a Magneto

I save all these FM magneto parts, then I build my own.  I've never bought one all complete (kinda expensive).  The original Fairbanks-Morse parts are good - and I like anything NOS (still-in-the-box).  I have a great source for charging magnets, checking coils, checking condensers, etc. and troubleshooting.  I have a magneto firing the plugs in about everything I run.  Most times on a "magneto fired" engine when it won't start, the first thing that gets blamed is the magneto . . . since it's the most misunderstood. 
Hey, it ain't Old Sparky's fault !


A healthy couple o' cats . . . Me & Morty

 . . . the cat treats are Morty's.
Morty The Official Shop Cat says, "Let me in . . ." 
Mort likes his motocross bike stand I got for him to sit on.
Trying to figure out what shaft I'm gonna need for a special project.  I've been taking these supplements so I can still kick start all these bikes.  My "Sportster Knee" is definitely improving due to exercise and diet.


Bob Pazour - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Pazour Cycle was the shop of Iowa State Dirt Track Motorcycle Champ Bob Pazour.  He rode Indians, and many other brands.  He won Iowa Championships in 1956 and 1957.  I wonder if the building is still there? 

Off with the Ice - On with the Dirt

Water: The most corrosive substance known to man.  After a couple hundred laps of ice riding 6 weekends in a row, this thing is dirty, a bit rusty, and foamy oil still drips from the breather tube.  The aluminum is dull, carbon is on everything from the pipes back . . . No loose bolts found yet, but it needs to be fully "gone through" and checked out.  I'll hook the brakes back up - and I'm changing the transmission gear from a 18T to a 16T to start running in high gear instead for these shorter tracks like Dubuque Speedway.  High is better for the transmission, stronger and less friction, less power robbing . . . the way it was designed.

Skat Blast

So I've got this bench top blaster I use . . . and I have a hole bored through my garage wall with a flex hose to attach my Shop Vac (outside) to suck all the dust out of the blaster.  When the vacuum is running, this white, exhaust dust cloud is in the air, and the vac is so wore out from all the bead (probably going through the motor) that it rattles and is REALLY LOUD !  The neighbors probably think I got some kind of meth-making operation going on over there . . . and they keep their distance.
  Parts "on deck" to be blasted . . along with a bunch of mis-matched pistons Randy gave me to see if any are salvageable to use?  A couple are old Dytch stroker pistons ! 

What is it about V-Twin Motors ?

Who built the 1st one ?

Silver Pipes

I like this motor done up in black . . .

Dry Clutch Test

Dry clutch (just like the TZ750).  We'll hook up the clutch cable(from the right side of motor) and the clutch worm will shove the 4ea clutch push rods through the mainshaft, and move the pressure plate outward to free up the dry Raybestos clutch discs.  When disengaged, we should be able to rotate the clutch with our hands.  This is a good test before we seal the entire clutch basket with it's cover and gasket.  A steel, domed cover is used.  Later on, Harley race bikes used an aluminum cover over an aluminum clutch basket and hub. 

Harley 45RXL Flywheels

12 years . . . then 12 more, then 12 more . . .

Working on this 1930 Model DL . . . and finally have the lower end proper to glue it together.  This thing is kinda ugly, but it's growing on me. 
The cylinders are bored and valves & seats ground and fitted.  I set the cylinders on so you can see what it's gonna look like.  It's for my buddy Casey Jones (I call him).  This motor was very rough when it came in . . . and still needs more hours to get it right.
Photo Above:  12 years later . . . we get this 42WLA (army issue).  Still has 4 cams, and it's still a 750cc.  This one is now buttoned up for good too.  I came back Sunday and shimmed the cams, triple checked more stuff . . . and installed the gear cover and oil pump.
This is one of the nicest 45s I've ever seen (next to my 52WLA).  The parts haven't been abused much, no cracks, the cases are sweet . . . the cams are nice.  It's just gonna be a really super nice engine. 
Add another 12 years . . . and you get my '54FL engine.  The thing had been abused and neglected and worked on by a blacksmith with just a 4 lb. hammer and huge drill bits and chisels.  It was so beat up.  I'm still battling this thing.  Hope I got the oil leaks fixed (pan covers) this go around?  The magneto is the best it's ever been.  I know it's gonna be a runner !  Soon !


If you want to be really really cool?  What the heck, Go big-time !
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Art of The Motorcycle

I just happened to be in Las Vegas that year for work . . . I got kinda lucky to see the show.  They should have another one . . . It was a traveling show with a decent variety of innovative motorcycles from many different manufacturers. 

Beach Race

Old Harleys Never Die . .
They Just Go Faster !
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Tank Scheme

. . .  one of the best ones.

Amigo . . . See ya in a few weeks. -Noot

This guy (for his age) was a bit ahead of the game in the chopper scene for sure.  Still doin' it.

KRMmmmmmmmmmm Good

Large Exhaust Flanges on Cylinders
Smooth Radius Bend Pipes (thin gauge)
52R Heads
Horizonal Wico Magneto
Correct Exhaust Clamps
Correct Starter Pedal
Large Capacity Oil Tank
Correct Sprocket Cover
Ready for Baja !

1964 Springfield Mile 50 LAP Amateur National

50K Tom Peiffer - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - BSA
41K Dwight Ratcliff - Des Moines, Iowa - Harley KR
52K Herb Bellinger - Muscatine, Iowa - Harley KR
These 3 fast boys from Iowa are ready to duke it out with some BSAs from Appleton, a Harley KR from Clio, Michigan (Mees and Cheza territory) and a brand spankin' new 1964KR from Urbana, Illinois !  Richard Farner brought his Royal Enfield.  They surely needed a pit stop . . . 50 laps !  Wow !
Anyone know the guy from Des Moines?  I know there's a BSA in Anamosa (Nat'l Museum) that Bellinger rode . . .
Dan Haaby(22Y) went on to become a pro factory H-D rider and road racer.

White River, South Dakota

Lil' Joe, Noot Sr., Rice Sr. and Kike . . . and my chop !
The sign says: Welcome Bikers
with high gas prices . . .
and they know we bikers like sausage and meat ! ? !


Here's the '37 knuckle minutes before it went to see it's anxious owner.  This motor came (in multiple boxes and ice cream pails) to be updated with '40up races, new bore and pistons, machine work, valve work . .  it took all the tricks to get it to this point.  It's got an improved cam shaft (over stock) and will be a great runner.  Pulling hard on long up hills, gliding through turns, blasting straights and giving many enjoyable miles.  It turned out to be a beautiful engine.  Clean, but we didn't remove any character - it'll match the weathered chassis and worn paint.

Now it's up to the owner to make sure their oil is pumping, the carburetor ain't too lean, the intake manifold is on correctly, the motor is bolted in and shimmed correctly, the top motor mount isn't binding, they ride it nice for the first 300 miles and stay around 55mph, break it in, heat cycle it . . . etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. 

Every Night Is BIKE NIGHT !

Me and my dad (Big Noot / The Original Noot ) work together on these motors.  Even after all these years, we still learn new stuff.  Last night it was snowin' and blowin' like crazy, but we were nice and warm in the shop . . . and it was one of those work nights where everything went perfect !
I got my friend Josh's connecting rods all Sunnen honed for fitment of +.001 rollers (that I bought NOS H-D in the box).  This tool is handy to get the flywheels "in the ball-park" before the truing stand.  They trued up about as perfect as they could get.  The Last Word indicator needle had barely a flicker on each shaft.  Sweet !
Kevin's KH is about done.  Noot installed a new adjuster shoe, we like to use the original H-D lock tools to secure the primary when tightening the nuts.  A heavy air-impact has a tendency to pull the threads, squash tapers and gall the nuts.  This way it's serviceable "in-the-pits" if needed.  You can see the factory lock tool in the center, and the heavy steel tool locking the hub to the basket.  OEM tools he bought back in the 60s !  This KH runs a 30T engine sprocket to get the revs up quick and requires a shorter primary chain.
These pan cases have been welded, machined, heli-coiled and sealed.  I'll set up some mics and bore gauges - then start measuring shafts and races - line lapping comes next. (dirty job)
Here we're trying to figure out if this barn find K-Model engine (near photo) has hot cams in it without removing the gear cover.  We're comparing valve lift to Kevin's hotrod KH motor.  I don't think it does . . . rats.  It looks like a K factory here today.  What else we got to do ???? 

New Old Stock

The Harley-Davidson metal retainers are almost always this dark(parkerized) color.  Those shiny "zinc" metal, shoe retainers are junk.  The aftermarket poly(plastic) replacement shoes are many times too short, so the retainer can't hold it effectively.  The steel chain adjuster itself, (header photo) is welded on the lower backside - and is designed to keep the slack out of your chain and withstand the jerking and pulling from shifting and acceleration/deceleration - and not break off, and blow out your primary case.  Shit !   These good (H-D) adjusters are getting hard to find, so I buy them when I can.  We'll install a good set in Kevin's KH, 'cause I know he's gonna twist the throttle on that sucker ! 

Snow is melting . . . Site for sore eyes . . .

I had a lot of fun the last couple months riding my '52K on the ice.  But now the sun is out, melting the snow and ice - and I spotted a robin already.  When your motorcycle has been in storage, under an old bed sheet . . . and you lift off the sheet and see your chopper for the first time in months - it's a great look.  You forgot how beautiful your bike was . . . and you can't wait to get it out, hear the pipes, sit in the seat of that 74" panhead - and feel the wind down these Iowa back roads.

Big Bore Stroker Shovelheads !

I've talked to about 6 guys in the last 6 days that are nuts about big ass cubic inch Shovelheads !  The bigger, the better.  The stories of how fast these things can be . . . huge cylinders on 4 3/4 and 5" strokes. 
Look out
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Cedar Rapids Swap Meet: Sunday MARCH 4th

Noth and Noot
Terry Noth won't be there(just in spirit), but I'll be seein' you at the swap meet this Sunday.  Same booth spots for about 30+ years now . . . Come on over and buy some parts from me . . . If I know you, I'll give you a good deal.  If I just met you, I'll still give you a good price. 
As always, shipping is FREE !  


Milwaukee welcomes you !  I had a great time with Chris(cheeseburgers) and Hartman(diners and hot rods) and Drew(pizza & chicken) and Betsy(beer & chicken chunks) and it's great to see Klein, Fatty, Mike Lange, Bill R., Billy B., Nate, Mason, Jeremiah, Nick, Josh & Rakel, Jeremiah and Mona . . . and all the other new faces who gave me time and showed us some fun.  A big thanks to Scott and Warren for all their hard work to put on the best bike show in the country and all the extras that go with it.  Thanks fellas !  Hope to see ya'll again real soon.  -Noot